eCatch is an integrated electronic logbook, electronic reporting system and information system. All data required by the skipper/vessel owner are recorded either automatically or manually during the vessels fishing period. The complete solution for a vessel owner consists of two components, the eCatch app which is installed on board and My eCatch which is the customer portal in the cloud.

eCatch is a completely new ERS solution developed from scratch in 2016. The solution is comprised by a client running on a tablet onboard and a message gateway / customer portal in the cloud. The solution offers the following benefits to the skipper and owner:

  • Super simple user interface / user interaction
  • Smart registration of data using automatic sensing and favorite lists
  • Fast message flow to and from the Fisheries Authorities
  • Tablet is locked down and managed remotely
  • Vital information about catch, activity, geography etc is available in the customer portal
  • Customer portal is adaptable to PC, tablet or phone


Contact info:   e-mail     /  +47 776 21 900